Become a Partner

Business or non-profit, if you offer something to the women of the Mid-Ohio Valley then you can become a partner of the MOV Red Tent. It's easy and free! Submit the Request Form below to see if your organization fits in with our mission.

There are many great reasons to join us! First and foremost, you will receive access to many potential clients, customers, and members. We will also advertise for you on our website, social media pages, newsletters and at our events. We do not charge our chosen partners to set up at our events, we only ask that you offer a free service, workshop or experience to each participant that stops by to see you. 

As a partner of the MOV Red Tent, you may request to participate in our events and workshops. Not every partner will be chosen to participate in every event that we hold but we will try our best to include as many as possible.

Our mission is to provide fun events for women  in a safe space and to connect them with local businesses or organizations that they are interested in. We try to stay away from politics and religious discussion. We are a group of women diverse in opinion, ethnic background, religious affiliation, beliefs & political viewpoints. We strive to appreciate our similarities rather than focus on what divides us.